End of the week leftover recreation


End of the week leftover recreation  is simply where you take your leftovers and the odd items such as that 1 green bell pepper or the three potatoes left in your refrigerator drawer that hand full of baby carrots left in the bag and those two sticks of celery and then of course your leftovers from the week and create something new.  the only leftovers I had with enough in it to recreate another meal was the chicken and dumplings so tonight we’re going to have a hearty chicken soup.

first I’m going to pour all the broth from the chicken and dumplings into the crock pot through a strainer to catch any bits of chicken or the larger dumplings and keep them from going straight into the crock pot then I’ll set the strainer of chicken and dumplings back over the into the bowl I used to store them in the night before so they can finish straining. While the chicken is straining any remaining liquid safely into the bowl I can then move to the stray items I found rolling around in the back of the veggie draw in my fridge.

Can we say disorganized and cluttered!



About half a bag of yellow potatoes just under a half bag of baby carrots 1 onion half a bell pepper a few celery sticks garlic. Then for the spices salt pepper some concentrated chicken stock to up the flavor some a pinch of ginger a shake or two of celery seed and two to three shakes of garlic powder then I gave everything a good stir and let cook on high for about 5 hours or so tasting on occasion to make sure the flavor was right. We all agree dinner was good last night with the chicken and dumplings but tonight’s dinner was even better I made some corn muffins to go with our hearty chicken soup and there were nothing but empty bowls left at the table tonight.


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