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End of the week leftover recreation


End of the week leftover recreation  is simply where you take your leftovers and the odd items such as that 1 green bell pepper or the three potatoes left in your refrigerator drawer that hand full of baby carrots left in the bag and those two sticks of celery and then of course your leftovers from the week and create something new.  the only leftovers I had with enough in it to recreate another meal was the chicken and dumplings so tonight we’re going to have a hearty chicken soup.

first I’m going to pour all the broth from the chicken and dumplings into the crock pot through a strainer to catch any bits of chicken or the larger dumplings and keep them from going straight into the crock pot then I’ll set the strainer of chicken and dumplings back over the into the bowl I used to store them in the night before so they can finish straining. While the chicken is straining any remaining liquid safely into the bowl I can then move to the stray items I found rolling around in the back of the veggie draw in my fridge.

Can we say disorganized and cluttered!



About half a bag of yellow potatoes just under a half bag of baby carrots 1 onion half a bell pepper a few celery sticks garlic. Then for the spices salt pepper some concentrated chicken stock to up the flavor some a pinch of ginger a shake or two of celery seed and two to three shakes of garlic powder then I gave everything a good stir and let cook on high for about 5 hours or so tasting on occasion to make sure the flavor was right. We all agree dinner was good last night with the chicken and dumplings but tonight’s dinner was even better I made some corn muffins to go with our hearty chicken soup and there were nothing but empty bowls left at the table tonight.


Influenster and Dr. Scholles cozy coushions


This is my Rose Vox Box from Influenster I received all of these products free through this service and anyone can join. All you have to do is go to and sign up. I am skeptical when it comes to sites like this I have tried many that simply filled my in box with junk I did not want and gave no real rewards. So when I heard about this site from one of the YouTubers that I watch frequently I decided to check it out. I thought if nothing else I can kill some time.  imagine my surprise when I got an email inviting me to a Vox Box campaign. I accepted the invite thinking I would get nothing to impressive and then this box shows up and I am impressed.  

In this box I received a pair of Dr. Scholl’s for her cozy cushions. These are insole inserts for boots the tops of them are a plush white fur and the underneath side is a grey gel foam they also have a nice arch support in them. I put them in the shoes I wear thee most, my house boots. I don’t wear shoes inside the house so every member of my family wears either bear feet socks or house shoes. this time of year I have a pair of house boots and the soles are a bit hard so I slipped these inserts in and they feel amazing. My only issue is the boots are a bit wide so it did take a few days for me to get them situated so that they set where I walk. The fist day I had them in my boots I kept stepping off the inside edge of them. Once I figured out were they needed to sit and were my feet needed to be I have been very happy with this product and plan on getting a pair for my other outside boots.

Today’s thoughts!


the other day I asked everyone on my Facebook when a good time to start decorating with small seasonal decorations was. I got few answers but most thought after thanksgiving was the earliest it should be. This weeks weather report is calling for flurries so im going to let the weather decide when things such as the pinecones and silver bells and candles and such will start to make their appearance in my home if there is snow in the air this week then I will start making my home winter cozy if, on the other hand there is no snow in the air this week I will wait till after thanksgiving to start any seasonal/Holiday decorating.


I made this while sorting holiday decorations what do you think acceptable early holiday décor ?



My first Thanksgiving nails.

It is now time to start thinking about TURKEY so what better way to do it then on my nails. Now I like cute and silly things anyway and you add to it the fact that I’m not the best artist and you get a googly eyed turkey…lol 


I started off with my base coat then 2 layers of Sinfulcolors (skylark) after letting that dry for about 10-15 min, I played online, I out-lined my thumb and pinky then painted a sort of circle at the bottom of the nail on both middle fingers and a feather/leaf shape on my index and ring fingers with Nail Art (Cocoa) and let all that dry for about 3 min.

Then taking SinfulColors nail art (Flower Girl) I filled in the feather/leaf with this sparkling gold. Then I took SinfulColors (exotic green and berry charm) and Spoiled by wet n wild (Designated Driver) and just made some thick short stripes above the brown circle (turkey body) then I took the gold and made a small triangle on the brown for the beak.

wile I waited for the feathers to dry I made two small white dots just above the beak I then put my top coat on all the nails except the middle fingers by the time I was finished with that it was time to put the smaller black dots in the middle of the white dots to finish the eyes. after letting that dry for about 4 min I then top coated it.