DIY gifts for him


We all know that the man in your life is always the most difficult to buy for when it comes to gifts. Well I wanted to give you some DIY ideals for your man. I have done some of these in past years for my husband and he has truly loved them the others I am planning on doing this year or next.

1. we have all seen the little coupon books in the last minute gift ideal section of most stores well I made my husband one at home that was tailored just for him and he still holds on to it many years later. I asked him one day if he was not going to use any of the coupons why didn’t he just toss it his reply was simple ” you made it for me and it reminds me how well you know me and the fact that you would take the time to make it for me show how much you care”

I simply cut some stripes of white computer paper and punched two holes in each piece, one at the top and one at the bottom, and tied them together with ribbon. I then set down and thought of my husband and what he would like. I then simply and neatly wrote out the coupons with things like, this coupon entitles you to one bubble bath, with this coupon you will receive a meal of your choosing to be made on a night of your choosing, or with this coupon you will receive on free foot massage. I also but some fun ones in there like one free kiss or anything you wish…and yes that one was for he and I time only…he loved that one.

2. My husband loves his baths so I put together a bath time mini spa kit for him and the best part was it coast me nothing but a bit of time on the computer. I simply filled out for some free samples and collected the sample size items that sometimes come with the purchase of full sized items that I needed to get any way.

3. This one I plan on doing for next year and will be starting soon. I am going to get a small note book and write at least one thing each day for an entire year. I plan on writing one thing each day telling how much I love him or why or simply something he did that made me proud that day. just some little thing to remind him of the man I know see and love each day. I know we can sometimes forget but men need to be reminded of there worth and our love just as much as we do.

4. My husband and I are big coffee drinkers so this year I am making a coffee mug for him. I wish I could remember were I saw the post about this but I cant but all you have to do is get a plain white mug and draw or write whatever you want on it with sharpie. Then you bake it in the oven on 350 for about 30-40 min and you have a beautiful custom mug. just a tip though: the cheaper the mug the better the design will hold. this is do to the glaze on the mugs the cheaper ones meld with the sharpie better so dollar store mugs are great for this one.

Enjoying, Learning, and Loving Life!

Peggy Sue


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